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labyrinthitis an inflammation of the inner ear, often affecting the sense of balance.
leptospirosis any of various systemic infections in humans and animals, variously affecting the eyes, kidneys, liver, or the like, that is caused by a genus of spiral-shaped bacteria found in water and sewage.
mange any of various contagious skin diseases caused by parasitic mites, characterized by hair loss, itching, and skin eruptions, and affecting dogs and other mammals including humans.
mass pertaining to, involving, or affecting the masses or large numbers of people. [1/10 definitions]
measles (used with a sing. or pl. verb) a very contagious but short-lived disease, usu. affecting children, that is caused by a virus and accompanied by fever and an eruption of red spots on the skin. [1/2 definitions]
mumps (used with a sing. or pl. verb) an infectious disease, usu. affecting children, that causes inflammation of the salivary glands and sometimes of the reproductive organs.
myeloma a malignant tumor affecting bone marrow.
neuromuscular pertaining to or affecting muscles and their associated nerves.
organic of, affecting, or relating to an organ of a plant or animal. [1/6 definitions]
osteal relating to or affecting bone or the skeleton. [1/2 definitions]
Paget's disease a type of breast cancer, usu. affecting the areola and nipple. [1/2 definitions]
papillary relating to, consisting of, or affecting papillae. [1/2 definitions]
paresis slight or partial paralysis, usu. affecting movement but not sensation.
pink root a fungus disease affecting onions and similar plants that causes the roots to shrink and turn pink.
pious affecting religous devoutness. [1/4 definitions]
psychoactive of a chemical agent or drug, affecting or capable of affecting the mind or mental functions.
psychological of, connected with, or affecting the mind or emotions. [1/2 definitions]
psychotropic affecting the activities of the mind, as a tranquilizer, hallucinogen, or the like.
pulmonary of, pertaining to, or affecting the lungs. [1/2 definitions]
radome a dome-shaped structure that protects a radar antenna from the weather, esp. on aircraft, without affecting reception.
retinopathy any disorder affecting the retina of the eye (used esp. in reference to noninflammatory disorders).