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lattice in physics, the regularly spaced arrangement of points or matter throughout a space, as in a crystal. [1/3 definitions]
lifelong continuing throughout the whole of one's life.
long1 throughout a specified period. [1/10 definitions]
Manifest Destiny the nineteenth century belief that justified American imperialistic expansion by asserting that it was the destiny and duty of the United States to expand its territory throughout North America.
massive in medicine, overwhelming or spread throughout the body. [1/3 definitions]
nationwide throughout or over the entire nation.
nature the complex of processes and forces that operate throughout the universe. [1/9 definitions]
nightlong lasting throughout the night. [1/2 definitions]
over throughout. [1/29 definitions]
overarch to extend throughout, as an idea. [1/2 definitions]
overrun to spread throughout, taking hold, as an infestation, an idea, or a growth of plant life. [1/7 definitions]
passim (Latin) here and there; throughout (used in a book or other text to indicate that the word, phrase, or source so marked occurs frequently).
penetrate to enter into and spread widely throughout. [2/7 definitions]
perennial lasting throughout the year, for many years, or indefinitely; constant. [1/4 definitions]
permeate to spread or be diffused throughout; pervade. [1/3 definitions]
perpetual of a flowering plant, producing blooms throughout the growing season. [1/4 definitions]
pervasive spreading or present everywhere or throughout.
profound extending throughout; complete or pervasive. [1/4 definitions]
rainforest a dense forest of evergreens and heavy undergrowth in a tropical area that receives abundant rainfall throughout the year.
range to be found or to extend throughout a period or region. [1/20 definitions]
round throughout a specified period. [1/24 definitions]