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mug to use physical force on or assault, usu. with the intent to rob, and usu. on the street or in some other public place. [1/4 definitions]
mystify to cause puzzlement in, often with intent to deceive; bewilder; perplex.
oblique not direct or straightforward in intent, means, or achievement; indirect or devious. [1/5 definitions]
offer a demonstration of intent. [1/14 definitions]
parapraxis an action in which a person's conscious intent is not entirely carried out, as in making errors or losing things.
personate1 to impersonate, esp. with the intent to deceive. [1/3 definitions]
plausible highly effective in persuading, especially with an intent to deceive. [1/2 definitions]
premeditation in law, an amount of plotting or forethought great enough to show intent to commit a crime. [1/2 definitions]
put-down (informal) a comment or action that has the intent or result of embarrassing, humiliating, or rejecting someone. [1/2 definitions]
reflection the process of intent thought or meditation, or a particular thought arising from this process. [1/4 definitions]
resignation the giving up of a job, office, or other position, or a formal letter of intent to do so. [1/2 definitions]
revisit to visit or go to again, esp. with the intent to examine something or to relive an important experience. [1/2 definitions]
spirit the essential meaning or intent of a thing. [1/11 definitions]
supposititious inserted or substituted with deceitful intent; fraudulent; spurious. [1/2 definitions]
synchronicity the fact or state of happening at the same time, esp. considered as a manifestation of intent or meaningfulness rather than chance or randomness.
synonymous having the same or a similar meaning; expressing the same idea, intent, or the like.
threat a declaration of intent to cause harm or difficulty, or to inflict punishment. [1/3 definitions]
threaten to declare intent to harm or punish. [1/5 definitions]
thrust the general direction, intent, or meaning, as of someone's remarks. [1/11 definitions]
vacuous characterized by lack of intelligence or serious intent; devoid of ideas or emotion. [1/2 definitions]