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napoleon a layered puff pastry with a custard filling. [1/3 definitions]
patisserie a shop where fancy pastry, usu. French, is made and sold. [2 definitions]
patty shell a small pastry crust that is filled with meat, vegetables, fruit, or the like.
phyllo very thin sheets of dough, which produce a flaky pastry when baked for desserts or the like.
pie1 a pastry crust filled with meat, cheese, fruit, or other filling, sometimes covered with a layer of crust, and baked in a shallow pan.
pirogi small pastry turnovers of Russian origin that are filled with meat, fish, cheese, potatoes, or the like.
potpie a pie made with meat or poultry, vegetables, and sauce, topped with a single pastry crust and baked in a deep oven dish.
puff a light pastry, often filled with a sweet cream or custard mixture. [1/16 definitions]
puff pastry a light flaky pastry that puffs when baked, made by rolling and folding the dough before baking and used for croissants, pie shells, tarts, and the like.
quiche an unsweetened pastry shell filled with custard, cheese, and one or two other ingredients, such as ham or spinach, usu. served hot from the oven.
scone a small, soft, usu. round bread or pastry made from oatmeal, barley meal, or the like.
shorten to add butter or fat to (bread, pastry, or the like). [1/3 definitions]
strudel a pastry made of very thin sheets of dough baked in long rolls that are filled with fruit, nuts, cheese, or vegetables.
sweet (often pl.) any food with a sweet flavor such as candy, cookies, pastry, or the like. [1/14 definitions]
tart2 a shallow, baked pastry shell with a sweet or savory filling, usu. having no top crust. [1/2 definitions]
timbale creamed chicken, seafood, vegetables, or the like baked in a drum-shaped pastry shell. [1/2 definitions]
turnover a small pastry made by placing a sweet or savory filling on one half of a piece of dough, turning the other half over this, and sealing the edges. [1/6 definitions]
vol-au-vent a large light flaky pastry shell filled with chicken, game, or fish in a cream sauce.