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newcomer one who has arrived only recently.
newly recently. [1/3 definitions]
newlywed one who has recently married.
new year a year that has recently begun or will soon begin. [1/2 definitions]
nouveau riche (French) a person who has recently acquired great wealth, usu. one who engages in a vulgar display or discussion of that wealth; parvenu.
past just elapsed; recently gone by. [1/16 definitions]
recruit a soldier recently drafted or enlisted into the armed forces. [1/6 definitions]
she the female person or animal that is under discussion or recently referred to. [1/5 definitions]
shoat a young pig that has recently been weaned.
soft-shell an animal with a flexible or unhardened shell, esp. a crab that has molted recently. [1/2 definitions]
the other day one day recently; a few days ago.
weanling a recently weaned child or animal. [1/2 definitions]
welcome used to express warm or hospitable greetings to one recently arrived. [1/9 definitions]
young recently born or hatched offspring; brood. [1/7 definitions]