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noncash combined form of cash.
out-of-pocket requiring an outlay of cash. [1/2 definitions]
petty cash a small supply of cash, kept esp. in a business office, that is used to pay minor charges or purchase incidentals.
prizefight a professional boxing match for a cash prize.
rebate a portion of a credited payment or charge that is returned, esp. in cash; refund of part of a charge. [1/2 definitions]
redeem to convert (a coupon or securities) into cash or goods. [1/7 definitions]
redemption the exchange or conversion, as of coupons for goods or securities into cash. [1/5 definitions]
register a cash register. [1/15 definitions]
reserve the cash or other assets held back by a company to meet future needs. [1/8 definitions]
ring up to record or calculate (the price of a sale) on a cash register. [1/2 definitions]
scrip a certificate representing the right of the bearer to redeem it later for specified cash or property, or such certificates collectively. [1/3 definitions]
silver money; cash. [1/12 definitions]
spending money cash for small personal expenses.
tenant farmer a person who leases land for farming and pays cash or a portion of the produce as rent to the owner.
traveler's check a signed check of a specified prepaid amount, usu. one of a set purchased from a bank, that is widely accepted in exchange for cash or goods when countersigned by the purchaser.
winning (usu. pl.) that which is won, esp. in cash. [1/4 definitions]