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account an arrangement with a store or other business that allows a customer to pay for goods or services on credit offered by the store instead of the customer using cash at the time of sale or using a standard credit card. In such cases, the store generally offers its own store credit card. [1/16 definitions]
asset (pl.) property that can be exchanged for cash. [1/3 definitions]
ATM card a plastic card that enables the holder to access an automated teller machine to obtain cash drawn from or charged against a bank account.
cashable combined form of cash.
cash-and-carry sold for cash only and without delivery or other services, as goods, or selling only in this way, as a store.
cashbook a record of cash payments and receipts.
cash flow the net cash proceeds of operating a business during a specified period of time.
cashless combined form of cash.
c.o.d. abbreviation of "cash on delivery." [1/2 definitions]
collect on delivery a method of ordering or shipping goods in which payment is made, usu. in cash, when the goods are delivered; c.o.d. [1/2 definitions]
compensation something given or received in return or reparation for something else, such as wages for work or a cash settlement for injuries sustained. [1/2 definitions]
down1 a partial cash payment before taking possession. [1/21 definitions]
fluid easily converted to cash; liquid. [1/5 definitions]
frozen not easily converted into cash, as assets. [1/6 definitions]
gold money; cash. [1/11 definitions]
irredeemable not convertible, as into cash. [1/3 definitions]
liquid of assets, being in the form of cash, or easily convertible to cash. [1/6 definitions]
liquidate to convert to cash, or establish a cash value for. [2/5 definitions]
multimillionaire one whose net assets have a cash value of several million dollars.
negotiable capable of being converted into cash or of being transferred to the ownership of another with or without endorsement or compensation. [1/2 definitions]
noncash combined form of cash.