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now (slang) currently fashionable. [1/11 definitions]
out of date not modern or fashionable. [1/2 definitions]
provincial having the unsophisticated characteristics and manners attributed to people living in areas remote from cities; not fashionable. [1/6 definitions]
sharp fashionable or nicely dressed and groomed. [1/16 definitions]
smart attractive or fashionable, esp. in dress; chic. [1/11 definitions]
smart set sophisticated, fashionable people, considered as a group.
socialite one who is prominent in fashionable social circles.
society the upper-class or fashionable people generally. [2/7 definitions]
soigné having elegance; fashionable. [1/2 definitions]
style a state of being fashionable. [1/9 definitions]
swanky (informal) elegantly fashionable or smart; swank. [1/2 definitions]
swell (informal; often pl.) a fashionable, typically wealthy, person. [1/19 definitions]
the1 used to indicate that something is the most fashionable or distinctive of its kind (spoken with strong emphasis and pronounced the same as the word "thee." Often italicized or in all capitals when appearing in written text). [1/11 definitions]
unfashionable not fashionable; not of the currently popular style or way of doing things.