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nutmeg the fragrant seed of an evergreen East Indian tree or of similar trees, often ground and used as a spice. [1/2 definitions]
odoriferous having or spreading an odor, esp. a pleasant or fragrant one.
orris any of several European irises with fragrant rootstocks, esp. a white-flowered species yielding orrisroot.
orrisroot the fragrant root of any of several species of iris, used in making perfumes and cosmetics.
patchouli a mint plant native to India, having leaves that give off a fragrant brown oil. [1/2 definitions]
pink1 any of a group of related plants that bear fragrant flowers; carnation. [1/5 definitions]
rose1 any of numerous wild or cultivated shrubs or vines that have compound leaves and usu. thorny stems and bear showy, usu. fragrant flowers composed of many petals. [1/7 definitions]
rose geranium any of several geraniums that bear small pink or rose-colored flowers and are grown for their fragrant leaves, used in flavorings and perfumes.
rosemary a fragrant evergreen herb of the mint family originating in the Mediterranean region, the leaves of which are used as a seasoning and in perfumes and medicines.
rue2 a fragrant flowering plant found in Europe and Asia, the evergreen leaves of which yield an oil formerly used in medicines.
sand lily a small, stemless perennial with grasslike leaves and white, fragrant, star-shaped flowers.
slippery elm a North American elm that has fragrant, gum-secreting bark. [1/2 definitions]
sweetbrier a fragrant tall-growing rose plant that bears single pink flowers and has abundant thorns.
sweet pea a climbing plant that is related to the pea and that bears fragrant, variously colored, butterfly-shaped flowers.
syringa any of various ornamental shrubs or low trees, including the lilacs, that bear fragrant white, purple, or pink flowers shaped in a cylindrical tube. [1/2 definitions]
tansy any of several fragrant herbs bearing small round flower heads, esp. a poisonous weed with feathery leaves and bearing small yellow flower heads, often used medicinally or as an herb.
tarragon an aromatic herb with fragrant leaves used for seasoning.
tea rose a species of Chinese rose that bears fragrant yellow or pink flowers.
tonka bean the fragrant seed of a tropical South American tree, used as a substitute for vanilla and in perfumes and snuff. [1/2 definitions]
tuberose1 a cultivated plant that grows from a bulb and has a fragrant spike of lilylike white flowers.
vanilla any of several tropical orchids whose fruit contains a fragrant flavoring agent. [1/4 definitions]