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packsaddle a saddle esp. designed to accommodate the load carried by a pack animal.
pack train a long line or succession of pack animals, such as mules or horses, carrying supplies.
pannier a large basket, often carried on a person's back, or as one of a pair carried by a pack animal.
prepackage to wrap or pack (goods) in advance before distribution for retail sale.
saddle something resembling a saddle in use or position on an animal's back, such as a harness used to put a load on a pack animal. [1/9 definitions]
stuff to pack, or pack into, a container or opening; cram. [1/10 definitions]
sumpter a pack animal such as a horse or mule.
surcingle a girth or belt that wraps around the body of a horse to secure a saddle, pack, or the like to its back.
tamp to compress and pack tightly by repeated light taps. [2 definitions]
trunk a large strong container, often rectangular and usu. lockable, that can be used to pack goods for long-term storage or transit; chest. [1/10 definitions]
tub to place, pack, or store in a tub. [1/4 definitions]
tumpline a strap passed around the forehead or shoulders to help support a pack carried on the back.
unpack to take a pack off of (a mule, horse, or the like). [1/5 definitions]