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pad1 a thick piece of gauze or other soft, sterile material used as a protective and absorbent covering, barrier, or sponge. [1/12 definitions]
plug up to create a barrier to block the flow of a liquid or gas through (something). [1/2 definitions]
rail1 a horizontal bar that extends between two posts and serves as a barrier, fence, or the like. [1/4 definitions]
railing a barrier or fence made of posts and rails. [1/3 definitions]
rain shadow the lee side of a mountainous barrier, which receives little or no precipitation.
sonic barrier the large increase in aerodynamic resistance experienced by aircraft approaching the speed of sound; sound barrier.
sound barrier a hypothetical barrier to aircraft as they approach the speed of sound, suggested by the abrupt increase in aerodynamic drag near that velocity; sonic barrier.
stockade a barrier for defense that is made of upright stakes or timbers. [1/3 definitions]
toll bar a barrier to access, as to a road or bridge, that is lifted after a toll is collected; tollgate.