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pelota a court game in which the players hit a ball against a wall using a long basket tied to a wrist. [1/2 definitions]
percolator a coffee pot that makes coffee by repeatedly forcing boiling water up through a hollow center tube and filtering it through a basket filled with coffee grounds.
rim to roll or run around the edge of (a basket, hole, or the like) without falling in. [1/6 definitions]
score in sports, the making of a goal, run, basket, or the like. [1/21 definitions]
shot clock in basketball, a clock that indicates the amount of time within which a team must attempt to score a basket.
splint a thin strip of wood used to weave a chair seat, basket, or the like. [1/3 definitions]
three-point play in basketball, a play in which a player is fouled while making a two-point basket and then scores another point on the subsequent free throw.
trolley (chiefly British) a basket-like container on wheels moved by hand to carry shopping items, luggage, or the like; cart. [1/7 definitions]
wicker a basket or piece of furniture made of such twigs or strips woven together; wickerwork. [2/3 definitions]