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poison oak a western North American shrub bearing leaves that often resemble oak leaves and secreting an oil that can cause a severe rash on contact. [2 definitions]
poison sumac a shrub native to swamps of eastern North America bearing pinnate leaves resembling those of sumac and clumps of grayish white berries and secreting an oil that causes a severe rash on contact.
pox a disease, such as chicken pox, that is characterized by a pustular skin rash. [1/2 definitions]
precipitate rash or hasty; impetuous. [1/11 definitions]
ratbite fever either of two infectious diseases transmitted by the bites of rats or other animals, one characterized by inflammation, back and joint pains, headache, and vomiting, and the other by a purplish rash, recurrent fever, and ulceration near the bite.
reap the whirlwind to suffer the consequences of rash actions or wrongdoing.
reckless completely heedless of dangers or consequences; rash. [1/2 definitions]
Rocky Mountain spotted fever a disease caused by a microorganism carried to humans by certain North American ticks that is characterized by high fever, rash, and pain in the muscles and joints.
roseola a rose-colored rash, such as rubella.
scarlatina a contagious disease occurring mainly in children, marked by a high fever and a scarlet rash; mild form of scarlet fever.
scarlet fever an acute contagious disease esp. affecting children, caused by streptococci and characterized by sore throat, fever, and a reddish rash.
scrub typhus an acute infectious disease of Asia that is transmitted by a mite larva and characterized by fever, rash, skin lesions, and painful swelling of the lymph glands.
temerity reckless or foolish boldness; rash disregard of danger.
typhus a serious infectious disease that is transmitted by fleas, mites, and lice and is marked by high fever, headache, delirium, and a red rash.
unadvised without due consideration or care; ill-advised; rash. [1/2 definitions]