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polite well-bred; cultured. [1/2 definitions]
puli1 a medium-sized sheep dog, bred originally in Hungary, having long hair that mats in shaggy coils.
purebred bred from animals whose pure lineage can be documented. [1/2 definitions]
racehorse a horse trained or bred for racing.
saddle horse a horse bred, trained, and used for riding. [1/2 definitions]
sheepdog any dog trained or bred to herd and guard sheep.
Sussex spaniel any of a breed of spaniel dog originally bred in Sussex, England, having a silky golden to reddish brown coat, long ears, and short legs.
swannery a place where swans are bred or enclosed.
tame brought or bred out of the wild state and made tractable; domesticated. [1/7 definitions]
terrier a small energetic dog originally bred to drive animals from their holes or burrows.
thoroughbred bred from pure or unmixed stock, as a horse, dog, or other animal. [3/6 definitions]
tropical fish any of various small or brightly colored fishes that are native to tropical waters, esp. those kept and bred in aquariums.
trotter an animal that trots, esp. a horse bred and trained for harness racing. [1/3 definitions]
truebred well-bred; refined. [1/2 definitions]
Welsh corgi either of two breeds of dog originally bred in Wales and characterized by a long body, short legs, and a foxlike head.