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pratique permission granted to a ship to enter a port following the ship's quarantine.
put in of a boat or ship, to make a stop at a harbor or port. [1/7 definitions]
sailing the departure or time of departure of a ship or boat from a port. [1/6 definitions]
shore2 a usu. angled post or beam that supports something such as a building or a ship in port. [1/2 definitions]
sidelight either of the two lights displayed by a ship sailing at night, a red one to port or a green one to starboard. [1/3 definitions]
tonnage the total shipping of a country or port according to this measure. [1/4 definitions]
treaty port a port kept open to foreign trade by treaty, esp. one of several formerly in China, Korea, and Japan.
upstate the part of a state that is north or inland of the major city or port. [2 definitions]
yellow jack a yellow flag used by ships to warn of disease on board or to request a clearance to proceed into port after compliance with quarantine regulations. [1/3 definitions]