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pummel to strike heavily with or as if with the fists, a sword, a club, or the like; beat. [2/3 definitions]
put to the sword to kill, esp. with a sword; execute.
rapier a narrow-bladed, sharp-pointed sword used in the eighteenth century for thrusting. [2 definitions]
saber a heavy sword, often slightly curved, with one sharp edge. [2/3 definitions]
sansevieria any of several related tropical houseplants with stiff, thick, sword-shaped leaves.
scabbard a sheath or case for a sword, dagger, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
scimitar a curved, one-edged sword that originated in the Orient.
sheath a tightfitting case for the blade of a sword, knife, or the like. [1/3 definitions]
sheathe to put (a sword, knife, or the like) into a sheath. [1/2 definitions]
sword cane a walking cane that holds a concealed sword or dagger.
swordfish a large marine game and food fish that has a sharp, elongated upper jaw resembling a sword.
sword knot a loop or strap made of ribbon, leather, or the like, attached as decoration to the hilt of a sword and worn around the wrist.
swordplay the skill or action of using a sword; fencing.
thrust to pierce, as with a dagger or sword. [2/11 definitions]
unsheathe to pull (a sword, knife, or the like) from a sheath.
yataghan a Turkish sword with a double-curved blade and a hilt with a prominent pommel and no guard.