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responsory a responsive verse or set of verses spoken or sung in a church service.
rhyme a similarity or identity in the sounds at the ends of two or more words or lines of verse. [5/9 definitions]
rhymester a poet of inferior or light verse.
run-on of or designating a line of verse whose sense is completed in the next line. [1/3 definitions]
Sapphic designating or pertaining to certain meters or verse forms used by or named for Sappho. [1/3 definitions]
scan to read (verse) for metrical rhythm or patterns. [3/10 definitions]
scansion the analysis of the metrical structure and patterns of verse, or the way in which a particular verse scans.
song a lyrical verse; poetry. [1/4 definitions]
stich a single line or verse, esp. of poetry.
stichomythia in ancient Greek drama, a dialogue between two characters usu. speaking alternating lines of verse.
terza rima a three-line Italian verse form, the second line of each stanza rhyming with the first and third lines of the following stanza.
tetrameter a line of verse that contains four metrical feet. [2/3 definitions]
trimeter a line of verse consisting of three metrical feet. [1/2 definitions]
triplet a verse unit of three lines. [1/4 definitions]
tristich a verse unit, poem, or stanza of three lines; triplet.
versicle a short verse. [2 definitions]
versification the act or art of making verse. [3/4 definitions]
versify to write about (a subject) in verse form. [3 definitions]
vers libre see "free verse."
virgule a mark (/) used to divide dates or fractions, to represent "per," or to divide verse lines; slash; solidus. [1/2 definitions]