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restore to give back (that which has been lost, removed, or stolen). [1/5 definitions]
revanchism the policy of a nation or vanquished people to aggressively regain territories that have been lost.
safe free of the risk of being lost or stolen. [1/9 definitions]
search to examine (a person) to find something concealed or lost. [1/6 definitions]
search and rescue an operation undertaken by trained emergency workers to find and rescue persons lost, missing, or injured in a remote or dangerous place.
skid to slide suddenly, often sideways, as a vehicle that has lost traction. [1/8 definitions]
stake2 (often pl.) anything valuable that can be won or lost. [1/6 definitions]
stale having lost the moisture, taste, effervescence, or the like that is associated with freshness. [2/5 definitions]
stray straying or having strayed; lost or out of place. [1/7 definitions]
tooth fairy a make-believe creature who leaves money under children's pillows in exchange for lost teeth placed there for her.
turn up to find (a lost or surprising thing). [1/3 definitions]
waif an animal or thing that has been lost or abandoned by its owner. [1/2 definitions]
wastage anything wasted or lost through waste. [1/2 definitions]
write off to consider to be lost or not worthy of consideration.
yardage1 distance gained or lost by a football play, player, or team. [1/3 definitions]