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rodent gnawing or biting. [1/3 definitions]
sharp biting to the sense of taste or smell; pungent. [1/16 definitions]
strike to injure by biting. [1/31 definitions]
tart1 sour or acid in taste; sharp; biting. [2 definitions]
tooth one of the hard, white, bonelike objects rooted in rows in the jaws of vertebrates, used for biting and chewing. [1/5 definitions]
venom the poisonous fluid that certain snakes, insects, scorpions, and other animals produce and transmit to their prey by biting or stinging. [1/2 definitions]
vitriol a very biting or harsh quality, as in criticism, or language having such a quality. [1/4 definitions]
vitriolic severely harsh and biting, esp. verbally. [1/2 definitions]