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sectary a member of a sect, esp. a dissenting sect. [1/2 definitions]
segregate to require or enforce the separation or isolation of (a race, religious sect, class, or the like) from the dominant group in a society or from the society at large. [1/6 definitions]
shaker (cap.) a member of a seventeenth-century English religious sect that established itself in the United States and practiced simple living and celibacy, now defunct but celebrated for the design of its home crafts. [1/3 definitions]
Shiah the Shiites, the main minority sect of Islam. [1/2 definitions]
Shiite a member of the Shiah sect of Islam, which does not accept the Sunna as authoritative and considers Muhammad's son-in-law Ali to be the legitimate successor to Muhammad. (Cf. Sunnite.)
Sikh a member of a Hindu religious sect formed about 1500 in India, whose adherents have faith in one god and reject idol worship and the caste system.
Society of Friends a Christian sect founded in England about 1650, which has no formal rituals or priesthood, and which opposes violence, esp. war, and the taking of oaths. (See Quaker.)
Sufi a member of an ascetic, contemplative Muslim sect that was founded in Persia in the eighth century.
Sunnite a member of the main sect of Islam, believing in the Sunna as an authoritative supplement to the Koran, and accepting the first four caliphs as Muhammad's rightful successors; Sunni. (Cf. Shiite.)
Vaishnava in Hinduism, a sect that is devoted to Vishnu, or a member of this sect.
Wahhabi a member of a Muslim sect, founded in the eighteenth century and now found mainly in Saudi Arabia, that believes in strict adherence to the Koran.