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sponge any similar absorbent material made of rubber, cellulose, cotton gauze, or various synthetics, and used for surgical purposes, cleaning, and the like. [1/10 definitions]
superabsorbent combined form of absorbent.
swab a small piece of absorbent material, such as cotton, that is often attached to an applicator stick and is used for medicinal applications or cleansing. [1/6 definitions]
sweatband a band of absorbent cloth, such as terry cloth, worn on the forehead or wrist during sports activities. [1/2 definitions]
tampon a plug of absorbent cotton or other material inserted into a bodily opening or wound to absorb the flow of blood or other secretions, esp. a commercially manufactured one for absorbing menstrual flow.
tissue soft, thin, usu. absorbent paper, used as a handkerchief. [1/5 definitions]
toilet paper a soft absorbent paper used to clean oneself after defecation or urination.
towel a piece or length of absorbent cloth or paper made and used for wiping or drying the face or body, dishes, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
toweling any of various absorbent fabrics used to make towels.
unabsorbent combined form of absorbent.
vermiculite a highly water-absorbent mineral produced by the heating and expansion of grains of mica, used as a heat insulation and a potting medium for plants.
waterproof not affected by water; not absorbent. [1/3 definitions]