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subzone combined form of zone.
Temperate Zone either of two zones or areas of the earth between the tropics and the polar circles, characterized by seasonal climatic changes; North Temperate Zone; South Temperate Zone.
time zone any of twenty-four longitudinal divisions of the earth that are roughly defined by their distances from the prime meridian, and each of which keeps a standard time one hour earlier than does the zone to its east.
Torrid Zone the area of the earth between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn; Tropical Zone.
touchback in football, a play in which a team touches the ball down in its own end zone as the result of a pass interception, kick reception, or recovery of the opposing team's fumble.
Tropical Zone see "Torrid Zone."
zonal of, pertaining to, or associated with a zone or zones. [1/2 definitions]
zone any of the five areas of the earth's surface, bounded by latitude lines, and named according to the region's temperature, such as the North Temperate Zone. [2/11 definitions]