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surfactant a substance that reduces the surface tension of a liquid, thereby allowing the liquid to spread more easily.
taut showing tension or strain. [1/3 definitions]
tensile of or relating to tension. [1/2 definitions]
tensionless combined form of tension.
tonometer any of various medical instruments that measure pressure, as of the blood, or tension, as in the eyeball. [1/3 definitions]
tonus the slight, continuous tension of relaxed muscles that enables them to respond to stimulation.
torsion the tension produced by twisting one end of an object in one direction while the other is stationary or twisted in the opposite direction. [1/2 definitions]
truss in engineering, any structural framework that is composed of rigid straight members in triangular conformations and that functions as a beam or cantilever bearing tension or compression vertically. [2/5 definitions]
unbend to relax or remove the tension in or from (something bent, stretched taut, or the like); straighten; loosen. [1/3 definitions]
unwind to free oneself from tension; relax. [1/4 definitions]
vapor pressure the pressure of vapor, esp. in contact with its liquid form; vapor tension.