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F2 symbol of the chemical element fluorine.
F3 abbreviation of "female."
F1 abbreviation of "Fahrenheit," of, pertaining to, or designating a temperature scale on which thirty-two degrees is the freezing point and 212 degrees is the boiling point of water.
F4 abbreviation of "false," untrue or incorrect.
F5 abbreviation of "fermi," a unit of length equal to 10-15 meter.
F- in the U.S. military, a fighter plane, such as an F-16.
f the sixth letter of the English alphabet. [4 definitions]
f. abbreviation of "force," in physics, an influence on the shape, motion, or other characteristics of a body or system.
fa in music, the syllable used to denote the fourth tone of a diatonic scale. (See sol-fa.) [2 definitions]
Fabian employing a cautious strategy of delay, avoidance, or harassment rather than direct confrontation. [2 definitions]
Fabian Society an organization established by English socialists in 1884 whose objective was to spread socialism through gradual reform.
fable a short tale that teaches a moral lesson, often having animals as the main characters. [4 definitions]
fabled recounted in fables; legendary. [2 definitions]
fabric cloth made by weaving, knitting, or felting fibers. [3 definitions]
fabricate to construct or create. [3 definitions]
fabrication a statement, document, or the like that is false or invented to deceive. [2 definitions]
fabulist a person who creates or tells fables.
fabulous almost beyond belief; astounding. [3 definitions]
fašade the front of a building. [2 definitions]
face the part of the head that extends from the forehead to the chin and from ear to ear. [11 definitions]
Facebook a U.S. corporation that developed a social media service in 2004. Users of this service can post status updates and exchange messages with a designated group of other users called "friends." [2 definitions]