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I1 the one who is speaking or writing and referring to himself or herself.
I2 symbol of the chemical element iodine.
I3 in Roman numeral notation, 1.
I. abbreviation of "Island" or "Isle" (used in a proper name).
i the ninth letter of the English alphabet. [2 definitions]
-ia pathological state; disease. [5 definitions]
IA abbreviation of "Iowa," a Midwestern U.S. state between Illinois and Nebraska.
Iago in Othello, the villain who causes Othello to suspect his wife of unfaithfulness and then murder her.
-ial a variant of -al1.
iamb in metric verse, a foot of two syllables in which the first is short and the second long, or the first unstressed and the second stressed.
iambus variant of iamb.
-ian a variant of -an.
-iana variant of -ana.
-iasis a process or condition, esp. a harmful or pathological one.
-iatric of or relating to (such) a type of healing or medical treatment.
-iatrics science or practice of medical treatment; healing.
iatrogenic caused by a physician or medical treatment, esp. from drugs or surgery.
-iatry medical care; healing.
I-beam a steel beam, used for construction, whose cross section resembles the capital letter I in shape.
Iberia a peninsula occupied by Spain and Portugal; Iberian Peninsula.
ibex any of a variety of mountain goats of Eurasia and North Africa, esp. those that have long, backward-curving horns.