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-r1 a variant of -er1.
-r2 variant of -er2.
R1 abbreviation of "restricted; those under eighteen must be accompanied by an adult" (used as a film rating).
R2 abbreviation of "registered trademark" (usu. enclosed in a circle).
R.1 abbreviation of "River."
R.2 abbreviation of "Republican."
r the eighteenth letter of the English alphabet.
r. abbreviation of "right."
Ra1 symbol of the chemical element radium.
Ra2 in Egyptian mythology, the supreme god and sun god, depicted with a head of a hawk crowned with a solar disk.
Rabat the seaport capital of Morocco.
rabat a plain, black, false shirt front worn with a clerical collar by some clergymen.
rabbet a slot or groove cut into the edge of a board, frame, or the like, to receive a projecting edge of another piece so that the two fit together. [5 definitions]
rabbi in Judaism, a cleric having the responsibilities of leading a local congregation, teaching, and supervising rituals such as weddings. [3 definitions]
rabbinate the office or profession of a rabbi. [2 definitions]
Rabbinic of or designating the post-Biblical Hebrew language, as used by rabbis in the Middle Ages.
rabbinical of or pertaining to rabbis or their doctrines, schooling, language, and the like.
rabbit any of a variety of long-eared, short-tailed, furry burrowing mammals, including the hare and the cottontail. [2 definitions]
rabbit ears (informal) an indoor television antenna consisting of a plastic base and two extendable, swiveling, vertical rods.
rabbit fever see "tularemia."
rabbit punch a short, sharp punch to the back of the neck.