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W1 symbol of the chemical element tungsten.
W2 abbreviation of "west." [2 definitions]
W3 abbreviation of "work."
W4 abbreviation of "watt," or "watts," a unit of electrical power equal to the current of one ampere produced by the electromotive force of one volt, or to one joule per second.
w the twenty-third letter of the English alphabet.
w.1 abbreviation of "with."
w.2 abbreviation of "width," the length or extent of something from one side to the other; breadth.
WA abbreviation of "Washington," a northwestern U.S. state on the Pacific between Canada and Oregon; Washington State.
Wac a member of the Women's Army Corps, a branch of the U.S. Army (acronym for "Women's Army Corps").
WAC abbreviation of "Women's Army Corps."
wacky (slang) odd, eccentric, or crazy.
wad a small mass or ball. [7 definitions]
wadable combined form of wade.
wadding any material used for stuffing or padding. [2 definitions]
waddle to walk using short steps while rocking from side to side. [4 definitions]
wade to walk in water or another substance that partially envelops one's legs, thereby hindering movement. [5 definitions]
wadeable combined form of wade.
wade in to begin energetically. [3 definitions]
wader someone or something that wades. [3 definitions]
wadi in North Africa and the Middle East, a watercourse, riverbed, or valley that remains dry except when it rains. [2 definitions]
wading bird any of several long-legged birds, such as storks and herons, that wade in shallow water, in search of food; wader.