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X1 abbreviation of "persons under eighteen not admitted" (formerly used as a film rating).
X2 in Roman numeral notation, 10.
x1 to cross out (written or printed matter) with a mark or marks like an "x". [2 definitions]
x2 the twenty-fourth letter of the English alphabet. [6 definitions]
xanthan a natural gum produced by bacterial fermentation of glucose, used as a stabilizer or thickener in commercially prepared foods; xanthan gum.
xanthein the water-soluble part of the pigment in yellow flowers, or of yellow pigment in plant sap.
xanthic having a yellow or yellowish color. [2 definitions]
xanthine a crystalline nitrogenous compound found in blood, urine, and some animal and plant tissues. [2 definitions]
xantho- yellow.
xanthous yellow. [2 definitions]
x-axis in a two-dimensional coordinate system, the horizontal axis, along which the x ordinates are measured. [2 definitions]
X-C abbreviation of "cross-country."
X chromosome the sex chromosome that occurs paired in females and singly in males, and is responsible for female sex characteristics. (Cf. Y chromosome.)
Xe symbol of the chemical element xenon.
xebec a small, three-masted Mediterranean sailing ship with square and triangular sails, and with an overhanging bow and stern.
xeno- strange; foreign.
xenon a chemical element of the inert gas group that has fifty-four protons in each nucleus and that is used as the atmosphere in fluorescent lamps because it glows with a blue light when excited by electricity. (symbol: Xe)
xenophilia a liking for foreigners or strangers or for foreign or strange things.
xenophobe a person who fears or detests foreigners, strangers, or anything that is foreign or strange.
xenophobia excessive or unreasoning fear or hatred of foreign people or things.
xero- dry.