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Free Registration Individual Subscription $9.95/year
Educational Group Subscription
For teachers: $20/year up to 50 users
For schools: $100/year up to 400 users
For a school district, please contact us for a quote.
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  • Basic dictionary features
  • Basic search tools
  • Limited access to Vocabulary Center
  • Limited number of saved records
  • Free 15 day trial to full subscription feature
Enhanced dictionary features
  • Word Parts (roots & affixes)
  • Word Combinations
  • Grammatical Patterns
  • Spanish support
  • Chinese support
  • Personalized entry display
  • Advanced search functions
Full Vocabulary Center
  • Wordsmyth Vocabulary Inventory
  • Unlimited user-made wordlists
  • Unlimited sharing
  • Vocabulary activities
  • Text Analysis
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All individual subscription features are available for students and teachers, including:
  • Enhanced dictionary features
  • Vocabulary Center
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Financial aid for teachers
If your school is a Title I school, you are eligible for financial aid. If you need help to cover the cost of your subscription, please follow the subscription process. A financial aid application will be available before payment.
Feature list Unregistered user Free registration Individual subscription Educational subscription Feature Explanation
Comprehensive dictionary suite         Click on each feature to see a more detailed explanation.
Word Explorer children's dictionary        
Advanced search        
Puzzle solvers        
Widget (Browser toolbar)        
Words of the day        
Customized pronunciation options no saving      
Customized dictionary formats no saving      
Lookup history up to 20 up to 40 unlimited unlimited
Glossary maker - saving/sharing
no saving/sharing
up to 10 unlimited unlimited
Activty makers - saving/sharing
no saving/sharing
up to 10 unlimited unlimited
Number of words per activity
Max. 12 words
Max. 12 words
Max. 50 words
Max. 50 words
Spanish support        
Parental filter        
Word parts        
Word Combinations        
Grammatical patterns    
Search filter        
Teachers' tools (coming soon!)