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Word part Type Origin Definition
-acious adjective-forming suffix Latin full of, characterized by
acro root Greek high, extremity, tip
act, ag root Latin do, drive
ad- prefix Latin to, toward
-ad, -ade noun-forming suffix Greek group (of a certain number indicated by the base)
aer, aero root Greek air, gas
af- prefix Latin to, toward
ag- prefix Latin to, toward
-age noun-forming suffix Latin act, process, or result of (the action indicated by the verb base)
agogue, agog, agogy root Greek leader
agon root Greek struggle, contest
agr, agro, agri root Latin field, farm, crop
-al1 noun-forming suffix Latin act or result of
al- prefix Latin to, toward
-al2, -ial, -ual adjective-forming suffix Latin pertaining to
alg, algo, -algia root Greek pain
ali root Latin other, foreign
allo, all root Greek other, different
alt, alti, alto root Latin high
alter, altern, altr root Latin other; change
am, ama, amor root Latin love, friendship