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Word part Type Origin Definition
fix root Latin fasten, attach
flat root Latin blow, puff
flect, flex root Latin bend
flic root Latin strike
flor, flori root Latin flower
flu, fluct, flux, fluv, flum root Latin flow
foli, foil root Latin leaf, page
fore- root Old English before, in time or position
form root Latin shape, form
fort1 root Latin luck, chance
fort2 root Latin strong
found1, fund root Latin bottom, base
fract, frag root Latin break
frater root Latin brother
fric root Latin rub
fug, -fuge root Latin flee
-ful1 adjective-forming suffix Old English full of
-ful2 noun-forming suffix Old English an amount that fills
funct root Latin perform
fus, found2 root Latin pour, melt
-fy, -ify, -efy verb-forming suffix Latin make, cause to be, become