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Word part Type Origin Definition
-ful1 adjective-forming suffix Old English full of
-ful2 noun-forming suffix Old English an amount that fills
funct root Latin perform
fus, found2 root Latin pour, melt
-fy, -ify, -efy verb-forming suffix Latin make, cause to be, become
gam, gamo, -gamy root Greek marriage
gen, gener root Latin and Greek birth, origin, race, kind
geo root Greek earth
giga root Greek giant; billion
gnos, gnosis, gnom, -gnomy root Greek know, knowledge
gon root Greek angle
grad, -grade root Latin go, step, degree
gram root Greek write
graph, -graphy root Greek writing, drawing, recording
grat root Latin pleasing
grav root Latin heavy
greg root Latin flock, gathering
gress root Latin to walk, go
gust root Latin taste
gyn, gyno, gyne, gynec, gyneco root Greek woman, female
gyr, gyro root Greek circle