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Word part Type Origin Definition
-ite2 noun-forming suffix Greek person or thing that comes from, or is a member or follower of
-ite3 noun-forming suffix Latin and Greek mineral or fossil
-itious adjective-forming suffix Latin having the nature of, characterized by
-itis noun-forming suffix Greek inflammation
-ive, -ative adjective-forming suffix Latin tending to, connected with, or performing
-ization noun-forming suffix Latin and Greek act, fact, or process of
-ize, -ise verb-forming suffix Greek to turn into or cause to be
ject, jet, jac root Latin throw; lie
jud, jur, just root Latin justice, law; swear
junct root Latin join
kilo root Greek thousand
labor, laborat, lab root Latin to work
lachrym root Greek tears
laps root Latin slip, fall back
lat1 root Latin side
-latry root Greek worship
leg1 root Latin law
leg2, lect1, lig root Latin gather; choose; read
-less adjective-forming suffix Middle English without
leuk, leuko, leuc, leuco root Greek white, colorless
lev, liev root Latin light (in weight)