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Word part Type Origin Definition
amb, ambl, ambul root Latin walk
ambi- prefix Latin both, on both sides, around
amphi-, ampho- prefix Greek both, on both sides, around
an-2 prefix Latin to, toward
-an, -ian, -ean adjective- and noun-forming suffix Latin in adjectives: from (a place) or pertaining to or following (a figure or school of thought); in nouns: person or thing from (a place) or associated with (an activity or school of thought).
ana- prefix Greek up; against; back
-ance, -ence, -ency, -ancy noun-forming suffix Latin state, quality, or act of
andr, andro root Greek man, male
anim root Latin mind, spirit, life
ann, enn root Latin year, years
-ant, -ent adjective- and noun-forming suffix Latin (in adjectives) doing the action denoted by the verb root; (in nouns) one who or that which does the action denoted by the verb root.
ante- prefix Latin before
anth, antho root Greek flower
anthr, anthro, anthrop, anthropo root Greek human being
anti- prefix Latin and Greek against, opposed
ap- prefix Latin to, toward
apo-, aph- prefix Greek from, away from, off, off from
apt, ept root Latin fit for
aqu, aqua root Latin water
-ar1 adjective-forming suffix Latin of, pertaining to, or resembling
ar- prefix Latin to, toward