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Word part Type Origin Definition
phan, phas, phen root Greek show, appear
phil, philo, -philia, -phile root Greek love, fondness
phobia, -phobe, -phobic root Greek fear, dread
phon, phono, -phone, -phony root Greek sound, voice
phor, pher, -phore root Greek carry, bear
phot, photo root Greek light
phyl root Greek race, type
phyll, phyllo root Greek leaf
phys, physio root Greek nature, physical
phyt, phyto, -phyte root Greek plant; plant growth
plac root Latin calm; please
plas, plast, plasm, -plasty root Greek mold, form; growth
ple, plen, plet root Latin fill up, fulfill
plic, plex, ply root Latin fold, plait
plu, plur root Latin more
pneum, pneumo, pneumon, pneumat, -pnea root Greek air, breath, wind, spirit
pod, pode root Greek foot
pol, polit, polis root Greek city, citizen
poly root Greek many
popul root Latin the people
port root Latin carry