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Word part Type Origin Definition
suc- prefix Latin under, below
suf- prefix Latin under, below
sum- prefix Latin under, below
sum, summ root Latin highest
sup- prefix Latin under, below
super-, supra-, sur-2 prefix Latin above, over
sur- prefix Latin under, below
surg, surr root Latin rise
sus- prefix Latin under, below
syl- prefix Greek with, together with
sym- prefix Greek with, together with
syn- prefix Greek with, together with
sys- prefix Greek with, together with
tac, tic root Latin silent
tact, tang, ting, tig root Latin touch
tax, taxo root Greek arrangement, order
tect root Greek builder; construct
tele, tel, telo root Greek distance, end
temp1, tempor root Latin time
ten, tin, tain root Latin to hold
tend, tent, tens root Latin stretch