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Word part Type Origin Definition
arbor root Latin tree
arch, archi, arche (archae), archeo, (archaeo), -arch, -archy root Greek first in rank or time
-arian noun-forming suffix Latin one believing in; one associated with; one having (age)
-arium, -orium noun-forming suffix Latin a place for
arm root Latin arms, weapons
arthr, arthro root Greek joint
-ary1 adjective-forming suffix Latin like, of, related to
-ary2 noun-forming suffix Latin a person, thing, or place associated with
as- prefix Latin to, toward
asper root Latin rough
astr, aster, astro root Greek star
at- prefix Latin to, toward
-ate2 adjective-forming suffix Latin full of; in a state of
-ate1 verb-forming suffix Latin to make, cause, do
-ation noun-forming suffix Latin the act, process, or result of
-ator noun-forming suffix Latin a person or thing that does
-atory1 noun-forming suffix Latin place associated with
au, avi root Latin bird
aud, audit, audio root Latin hear
aut, auto prefix Greek self
ax root Latin axis