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Word part Type Origin Definition
col- prefix Latin with, together
com- prefix Latin with, together
con- prefix Latin with, together
cor- prefix Latin with, together
cor2, cour2, cord root Latin heart
corp, corpo, corpor, corpus root Latin body
cosm, cosmo root Greek universe, world, order
counter-, contra- prefix Latin against, in the opposite direction
crani, cranio root Greek skull, cranium
crat, -cracy root Greek government, rule
cred, credit root Latin believe
crim, crimin root Latin crime; accuse
cryo root Greek cold
crypt, crypto, cryph root Greek secret, hidden
cumul root Latin heap
cur2 root Latin to care
cur1, curr, cor1, corr, curs, cour1, cours root Latin to run
-cy noun-forming suffix Latin and Greek state of or quality of
cyan, cyano root Greek blue
cycl, cyclo root Greek wheel, circle
cyt, cyto, -cyte root Greek cell