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Word part Type Origin Definition
erythr, erythro root Greek red
es- prefix Latin out, out of, away
-escent adjective-forming suffix Latin becoming; beginning to
-ess noun-forming suffix Greek female
esthes, aesthes, esthet, aesthet root Greek feeling, sensation, sense perception
-et, -ette noun-forming suffix French small; female
ethno root Greek race, culture, people
eu prefix Greek good, well
ev (aev) root Latin age, era
ex- prefix Latin out, out of, away from
exo- prefix Greek outer, outside
extr-, extra-, exter- prefix Latin on the outside, beyond
fac, fic, fec, fact, fect root Latin make, do
-faction, -ification, -efaction noun-forming suffix Latin act or process of making or becoming
fall, fals root Latin to deceive
fem, femin root Latin female, woman
fer, lat2, -late root Latin carry, bring
-fic adjective-forming suffix Latin making, doing, causing
fid root Latin faith, trust
fig root Latin form
fil1 root Latin son or daughter