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Word part Type Origin Definition
a-2 prefix Old English on
a-3 prefix Latin to, toward
a-1, an-1 prefix Greek not, without
ab-, abs- prefix Latin from, away from
-ability, -ibility, -bility, -ubility noun-forming suffix Latin ability to do, be, or undergo
-able, -ible, -ble adjective-forming suffix Latin capable of being, doing, or undergoing
-ably, -ibly adverb-forming suffix Latin in the manner or way indicated by the adjective
-ac adjective-forming suffix Greek in adjectives: of or pertaining to; resembling; in nouns: someone afflicted with;
ac- prefix Latin to, toward
ac, acr, acer root Latin sharp, bitter, sour
-aceous adjective-forming suffix Latin resembling, related to, made of, or, in biological science, belonging to (a taxonomic class)
-acious adjective-forming suffix Latin full of, characterized by
acro root Greek high, extremity, tip
act, ag root Latin do, drive
ad- prefix Latin to, toward
-ad, -ade noun-forming suffix Greek group (of a certain number indicated by the base)
aer, aero root Greek air, gas
af- prefix Latin to, toward
ag- prefix Latin to, toward
-age noun-forming suffix Latin act, process, or result of (the action indicated by the verb base)
agogue, agog, agogy root Greek leader