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Word part Type Origin Definition
kilo root Greek thousand
labor, laborat, lab root Latin to work
lachrym root Greek tears
laps root Latin slip, fall back
lat1 root Latin side
-latry root Greek worship
leg1 root Latin law
leg2, lect1, lig root Latin gather; choose; read
-less adjective-forming suffix Middle English without
leuk, leuko, leuc, leuco root Greek white, colorless
lev, liev root Latin light (in weight)
lex, lect2 root Greek speak, speech, word
liber1 root Latin free
libr root Latin book
libra, liber2 root Latin balance, weight
-like adjective-forming suffix Old English similar to, in the manner of
lingu root Latin language, tongue
lip, lipo root Greek fat
lit, litera root Latin letter, reading
lith, litho, -lite, -lithic root Greek mineral, rock, stone, fossil
loc root Latin place