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parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: the sum of the language, customs, beliefs, cuisine, and art considered characteristic of a particular group of people.
The Catholic church has played a large role in the development of French culture.The drive-in movie was a part of American culture that seems lost now.
similar words:
customs, folkways, habits, lifestyle, mores
definition 2: the artistic and intellectual endeavors of a society or social class, as in the areas of music, art, fashion, and literature, or the works that are produced from these endeavors, esp. those considered of good taste and high value.
She feared that her children, growing up on this isolated farm, would never be exposed to culture.
definition 3: a developed state of refinement through experience or training in the arts and worldly affairs.
She returned from her travels abroad as a woman of culture.
civilization, cultivation, gentility, refinement
simplicity, vulgarity
similar words:
courtliness, polish, sophistication, taste
definition 4: improvement of the mind or body through special training.
An international festival for physical culture will be taking place in Moscow this spring.
improvement, refinement
similar words:
civilization, cultivation, development, discipline, education, enlightenment, training
definition 5: the raising of plants or animals.
Silkworm culture began in China thousands of years ago.
farming, growing
similar words:
agriculture, aquaculture, aquiculture, husbandry, hydroponics, silviculture, tillage, tilth
definition 6: a colony of bacteria or other microscopic living matter, often produced for medical purposes or scientific experimentation.
The scientists will examine the culture for traces of the virus.
similar words:
colony, sample, smear, specimen
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: cultures, culturing, cultured
definition 1: to cultivate.
Pearls grow naturally inside mollusks, but they can be cultured by humans as well.
similar words:
civilize, develop, farm, improve, raise, refine, till
definition 2: to grow or produce (microscopic organisms) in a special medium.
Scientists have been attempting to culture this special type of cell for some time.
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    having to do with culture.
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