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parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb, adjective
on draft
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a preliminary sketch of a piece of writing; rough draft.
I made corrections on the first draft of my essay.
rough, sketch
similar words:
outline, preliminary, skeleton
definition 2: a drawing, design, or plan of something to be constructed.
The architect came by to show us the drafts.
blueprint, design, plan
similar words:
diagram, drawing, outline, overview, rough, sketch, survey
definition 3: the process of selecting persons for compulsory military duty.
A military draft has not been held in the United States since the Vietnam War.
similar words:
conscription, levy
definition 4: the process of selecting athletes for certain professional sports teams.
He was the first to be chosen in the draft for quarterbacks.
definition 5: a current of air in an enclosed space such as a room, chimney, or stove (sometimes spelled "draught").
The draft coming in from under the door is making me chilly.
similar words:
air curtain, current, flow, jet, stream
definition 6: a device for controlling the flow of air, as in a stove or furnace (sometimes spelled "draught").
Open the draft before you try to light the fire.
damper, vent
similar words:
exhaust, regulator, valve, ventilator
definition 7: a written order for money to be drawn from an account.
similar words:
cashier's check, money order
definition 8: the act of drinking or inhaling (sometimes spelled "draught").
breathing, drinking, inhalation, potation, respiration
similar words:
definition 9: that which is drunk or inhaled at one time; drink; dose (sometimes spelled "draught").
similar words:
dose, drink, gulp, pull, sip, slug, swig, swill
definition 10: the act of drawing a liquid from a container, such as a cask or barrel, or the amount of liquid drawn (sometimes spelled "draught").
broaching, tapping
similar words:
definition 11: the depth of water a ship displaces when loaded (sometimes spelled "draught").
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phrase: on draft
part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: drafts, drafting, drafted
definition 1: to make a preliminary sketch or version of; outline.
He drafted a letter to his senator and asked me what I thought of it.
block out, outline, rough out, sketch
similar words:
chart, design, plan
definition 2: to put into written from.
She drafted a careful reply to his letter.
draw up, write
similar words:
compose, indite, limn, pen, redact
definition 3: to select for compulsory military service.
He was the first from his small town to be drafted into the army.
similar words:
enlist, impress, induct, levy, press
definition 4: to select as a player for a professional sports team.
The New York Yankees drafted him as a pitcher that year.
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part of speech: adjective
definition 1: being a preliminary sketch or tentative version.
a draft copy
similar words:
preliminary, rough
definition 2: drawn from a large container such as a cask (sometimes spelled "draught").
draft ale
definition 3: suited or used for pulling heavy loads (sometimes spelled "draught").
a draft horse
similar words:
derivations: draftable (adj.), drafter (n.)
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