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ih lek trI sih ti
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a physical phenomenon caused by the movement of certain charged particles such as electrons, esp. between points having different electrical charges, and seen in naturally occurring phenomena such as lightning and magnetic attraction and repulsion.
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definition 2: the science concerned with such a phenomenon and its effects.
definition 3: electrical current.
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definition 4: a state of tension or excitement.
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Word History
Electricity is from an ancient Greek word that means "produced by amber." The Greek word was in existence many centuries before electricity was discovered. Why did the discoverers of electricity choose such an old word for something so new? Amber is tree resin that has hardened over centuries. When it is rubbed, amber produces static electricity and attracts light objects. The ancient Greeks observed this characteristic of amber and had a word for it, without knowing what caused it.
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