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ihm bleI zn
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: emblazons, emblazoning, emblazoned
definition 1: to display (a coat of arms) on a knight's shield or other surface.
The knight's coat of arms was emblazoned on his escutcheon.The family's coat of arms was emblazoned on the paneling over the fireplace.
definition 2: to display or inscribe in a prominent manner as one might a coat of arms.
The carmaker's name was emblazoned on the race driver's jacket and helmet.As instructed, the tattoo artist emblazoned the name of the girl's boyfriend across her upper arm.
definition 3: to inscribe a design or the like on (a surface) so that it appears prominently.
The banners were emblazoned with the symbols of the monarchy.The stationery was emblazoned with the company's logo.
definition 4: to make resplendent; celebrate or extol.
Each act of the leader is emblazoned by the state-controlled press.
definition 5: to ornament or decorate in brilliant colors.
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derivation: emblazoner (n.)
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