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ihn vaI rn mnt [or] ihn vaI rn mnt
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: the sum of things, circumstances, and conditions that surround one and may have an effect on one; surroundings.
With the warm light, the soft curtains, and the comfortable chairs, they tried to make the doctor's waiting room a pleasant environment.The hostile environment of the prison plunged him into depression.Every attempt has been made to make the mine a safe environment for workers.He was brought up in an environment in which education was highly valued.In the political environment of the time, it was dangerous to write books criticizing the government.
milieu, setting
similar words:
ambiance, atmosphere, background, circumstances, climate, element, medium, situation
definition 2: the sum of everything that surrounds animals and humans in the natural world, including the air, the water, and the soil (prec. by "the").
Air pollution from cars is one of the causes of harm to the environment.
definition 3: the set of things and conditions that constitute the sphere in which a particular type of organism lives and that have an impact on its physical growth and survival.
Maintaining a high level of humidity is one way the zoo tries to re-create a tropical environment for birds from tropical regions.The settlers from Europe found survival hard in their new environment, and without the knowledge of how to grow crops, many starved.
similar words:
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derivations: environmental (adj.), environmentally (adv.)
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  • environmental:
    having to do with the environment.
  • environmentally:
    in a way that affects the environment.
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