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Word Combinations (noun)
part of speech: noun
definition 1: a landed property, usu. large and having a sizable house connected to it.
She comes from a wealthy family who live on a magnificent estate.As a young man, he was a servant on an estate.Most of these estates were granted to nobles by the king.
definition 2: all the property of an individual or family, esp. the property left by a deceased person.
His son inherited his entire estate.Her estate consisted of several properties, some jewelry, and a small amount of cash.
similar words:
legacy, property
definition 3: social or economic standing or rank.
People of such low estate would never have been welcomed there.
definition 4: (chiefly British) a piece of land where the houses or other buildings, often all similar in type, are built together according to a plan; housing development; housing project.
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