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parts of speech:
transitive verb, noun
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part of speech: transitive verb
pronunciation: ihks kyuz
inflections: excuses, excusing, excused
definition 1: to pardon or overlook.
Please excuse my tardiness.The school cannot excuse stealing; your son will be suspended, if not expelled.[verb + gerund ] I hope you will excuse my not wearing a proper dinner jacket.[verb + possessive adj + gerund ] Her love was blind, and she would excuse him any misdeed.[verb + object + object ]
forgive, overlook, pardon
similar words:
condone, disregard, ignore, let off, make allowance for, remit
definition 2: to make apology for; request lenience for.
He excused himself for the loud coughing.
apologize for
similar words:
make allowance for, palliate, rationalize, regret, repent
definition 3: to serve as partial or complete justification for; extenuate.
The illness excuses her absence.
absolve, extenuate, justify, vindicate
similar words:
acquit, alibi, clear, explain, rationalize, sanction
definition 4: to release from obligation; exempt.
The government excused him from military duty.
absolve, exempt, let off, release
similar words:
acquit, exculpate, exonerate, forgive, free, pardon, waive
definition 5: to allow to be dismissed, as a debt, punishment, or the like.
The rest of the jail term was excused because of the prisoner's good behavior.
forgive, pardon, remit, waive
similar words:
amnesty, forbear
definition 6: to make a polite statement that allows (oneself) to leave the presence of others without the feeling of acting rudely.
Feeling tired, she excused herself and left the party quite early.
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part of speech: noun
pronunciation: ihks kyus
definition 1: an explanation offered to justify or request pardon for a fault.
He had a good excuse, so I had to forgive him.My excuse for not calling is simply that I've just been too busy.
alibi, defense, explanation, justification
similar words:
apology, argument, cause, plea, warrant
definition 2: a reason for excusing.
A family vacation is not an excuse for being absent from school.
alibi, grounds, justification, vindication, warrant
similar words:
evidence, proof, reason
definition 3: the act of excusing.
The judge's excuse of the speeding violation surprised even the driver of the car.
absolution, forgiveness, justification, pardon, remission, vindication
similar words:
dismissal, exemption, explanation, forbearance, indulgence, lenience, release, reprieve, respite, waiver
definition 4: a pretext or subterfuge, esp. when used to escape disapproval or blame.
He said he had to go to the dentist, but that was just an excuse to get out of work early.
pretense, rationalization, smoke screen
similar words:
alibi, cop-out, defense, loophole, pretext, subterfuge
definition 5: (informal) an example of something (followed by "for" or "of" and used in statements of disapproval).
He is a poor excuse for a father.This is a pathetic excuse for a sandwich!
similar words:
example, specimen
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derivations: excusable (adj.), excusably (adv.), excuser (n.)
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