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parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: ultimate result; fortune; lot.
If someone could tell you your true fate, would you want to hear it?I was disappointed with the book's ending because I wanted to know the fate of the other characters.A disappointing fate was avoided by taking quick action.
end, fortune, future, prospects
similar words:
chance, destiny, draw, kismet, lack, lot, outcome
definition 2: predetermined or inevitable outcome; destiny.
It was fate that they won the championship this year.
destiny, fortune, future, karma
similar words:
kismet, lot, predestination
definition 3: the nonhuman force that is often believed to decide events in human life.
Fate had dealt him a cruel hand.They believed it was fate that had brought them together.Do you believe in fate?
chance, fortune, luck, providence, stars
similar words:
destiny, hazard, predestination, probability
definition 4: ruin; disaster; death.
It was on this bridge that he met his fate.
debacle, doom, downfall, end, ruin, the bitter end
similar words:
death, deathblow, quietus, undoing
definition 5: (cap.; pl.) the three goddesses of classical mythology who were thought to determine human destiny.
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: fates, fating, fated
definition: to destine.
They were fated for each other.
destine, ordain
similar words:
doom, foreordain, foreshadow, intend, make, mean, predestine, will
Word History
Fate is from a Latin word that means "thing spoken by the gods."