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parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: the nonhuman force that is often believed to decide events in human life.
Fate had dealt him a cruel hand.They believed it was fate that had brought them together.Do you believe in fate?
chance, fortune, luck, providence, stars
similar words:
destiny, hazard, predestination, probability
definition 2: predetermined or inevitable outcome; destiny.
He believed it was his fate to become a great leader.
destiny, fortune, future, karma
similar words:
kismet, lot, predestination
definition 3: ultimate result; fortune; lot.
If someone could tell you your true fate, would you want to hear it?I was disappointed with the book's ending because I wanted to know the fate of the other characters.A disappointing fate was avoided by taking quick action.The painting was stolen and no one ever discovered its fate.
end, fortune, future, prospects
similar words:
chance, destiny, draw, kismet, lack, lot, outcome
definition 4: ruin; disaster; death.
It was on this bridge that he met his fate.
debacle, doom, downfall, end, ruin, the bitter end
similar words:
death, deathblow, quietus, undoing
definition 5: (cap.; pl.) the three goddesses of classical mythology who were thought to determine human destiny.
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: fates, fating, fated
definition: to destine.
They were fated for each other.
destine, ordain
similar words:
doom, foreordain, foreshadow, intend, make, mean, predestine, will
Word History
Fate is from a Latin word that means "thing spoken by the gods."